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It’s among the many questions people ask when they move to a brand new home, purchase furniture, or redesign their home. The size of the living rug can drastically change the overall atmosphere of the space. Small Rugs can make your living space appear less inviting, whereas those too big will, in turn, create a feeling of more minor. The right-sized living room rug will provide not only balance and warmth but also make the perfect finish. It also serves as the base for your living space, brings comfort beneath your feet, and protects your flooring.
It is essential to show the flooring underneath, mainly if it’s premium speciality flooring such as trendy tiles, designer tiles, hardwood or bamboo flooring. You’ll want to highlight the flooring as much as you can show off the rug. The amount you show depends on the intention. Create a conversation space with carpet that frames a sofa and chair space with plenty of feet space. By allowing a small portion of the floor’s surface to be visible, the rug accent the room’s layout.
Find the area you’ll need to cover. If you do not want to buy custom-designed rugs, choose the rug in an average size closest to these dimensions. Standard sizes like 9X12, 6X9 and 8X10 can give you various options in designs, textures, and colours. Big spaces need oversized rugs, and smaller spaces require smaller rugs.
What happens to narrow and small areas? Sometimes, there’s not enough room for floor space to be exposed, or the rug extends beyond furniture. In this situation, you must find the closest size to your area and search for a flat weave design. This lets furniture be firmly anchored to the rug.
The larger spaces will require large carpets that generally will cost more than smaller ones.
No matter what size rug you pick for the rooms of your home, it would be best if you thought about placing a smaller rug pad beneath. These aren’t expensive and help to stop the rugs from sliding. Above all crucial when mats are used to cover slick surfaces such as tile, wood or vinyl flooring. It’s also a factor of safety in areas with high traffic levels such as foyers, hallways, and rooms for families. 

When you are beginning to clean your rug, the first thing you do as a procedure is trying to light vacuum your rug in one straight line that is in line with the pile. Then, reverse the process by cleaning in a different straight line that runs along with the pile. This vacuuming method is ideal as it guarantees the loose fibers are captured and provides the most effective result in losing dirt embedded in the carpet.

Depending on the style of the rug and materials, you can see some sheds. Rugs made of wool, shag, and jute styles are the most prolific shedders.
If the carpet is brand new and is within those first couple of months since it was installed in your living space shed, it’s normal and will decrease as it gets used to the environment.

If you’re having trouble with problems shedding, There are some options to try:
Vacuum often and at the lowest setting to keep the shed low.
Put a rug pad under to absorb shock and minimize damage to the rug’s pile.
If shedding less is crucial, search for a rug with an unwoven or flat weave, and the finer weave is less likely to shed rug bunnies than high pile carpets.
If you’re a lover of wool rugs, then flat weave rugs are the best option.