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Rug Feng Shui For Attracting Wealth, Love, And Prosperity Into Your Daily Life!

rug feng shui

Bring Rug Feng Shui power into your place of life as well as your work by adding wool rugs.

Feng shui is a Chinese philosophy that focuses on placing objects and their energy to create balance and harmony in a space. It allows people to precisely regulate the vibrations of positive energy and create a loving, happy and prosperous environment. Whether in the office or our cozy nests. Colorful rugs, with their intricate designs and vibrant colors, are believed to be especially effective at attracting wealth, love, and prosperity into your home and life.

rug feng shui to attracting wealth

When it comes to attracting wealth, rug Feng Shui believes that placing a Moroccan rug in the front entrance of your home or office can help to attract wealth and abundance. The front door is considered the “mouth of chi,” or energy flow. A beautiful Moroccan rug can help enhance this flow and bring abundance into your space.

rug feng shui to attracting love

To attract love in rug Feng Shui, placing a wool rug in the bedroom or living room is recommended. These areas are associated with relationships and intimacy. A Moroccan rug can help create a warm and inviting atmosphere conducive to love and romance. The carpet’s colors and designs can also attract love, with red and pink being associated with passion and love and floral motifs symbolizing fertility and abundance.

rug feng shui to attracting prosperity

In terms of attracting prosperity and success, placing an organic rug in the northern area of your home or office is recommended. This direction in rug Feng Shui is associated with career and personal growth, and a Moroccan rug can help to enhance the energy of this area and bring success and prosperity into your life. The colors and designs of the rug can also have an impact, with blue and green being associated with growth and prosperity and geometric patterns symbolizing order and stability.

In addition to the placement and design of the rug, it is also important to maintain it properly to keep its energy solid and vibrant. This involves regular cleaning and vacuuming to remove dust and dirt and avoiding placing the rug in areas of high foot traffic or direct sunlight. It is also recommended to periodically rotate the rug to ensure it receives even wear and tear.

Very few people know, however, that decorative objects can play a vital role in attracting good luck, love, and wealth, according to the principles of Feng Shui.

At the end, handmade rugs are a powerful tool for attracting wealth, love, and prosperity into your home and life according to the principles of rug Feng Shui.

rug feng shui

Placing particular elements in crucial places in the house can have a spectacular (positive) impact on the balance and atmosphere of the house. Optimize the energy that circulates there, and bring harmony and growth.
One of the most used decorative elements is, of course, the organic handmade rugs.
Feng Shui design masters share kindely with us their in-depth knowledge. Here’s what they told us about using authentic Moroccan rugs to integrate all the beautiful things that rug Feng Shui can bring into our lives.

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1. DESIGN rug feng shui according to the 5 elements

Feng Shui has five elements: fire, water, earth, wood, and metal, each giving a boost to different types of energy in your house.


For example, fire strengthens passion, energy, wealth, and transformation. Its most representative rugs, like the colorful rugs, present shades of orange, red, and/or yellow, bold or more discreet, according to your tastes.


On the other hand, water is the element closely linked to money circulation. Use one of the different blue shades and materials (for example, a handmade Berber rug with rich reflections of bamboo and navy blue wool) to bring more money into your home.


The earth element aims to attract a sense of security, support, and safety. It is best activated with handcrafted rugs in muted colors, such as beige, tan, brown, and even golden tones. It can be a hand-knotted piece of wool or any other object of your choice, in any pattern, from stripes to abstract.


You should include the wood element in your design for more inspiration, creativity, family prosperity, health, and motivation. Choose green, wool, silk carpets, or even shag pieces. You can also consider Moroccan rugs or carpets that have been given an antique look by washing them with luster. However, the lighter the green, the higher the energy.


Finally, the metal element lets you have clear ideas and stimulates concentration. It is also a great way to channel the energies of the other elements. Thus, even if you have chosen a carpet that activates another element, adding a rug or a metal runner (gray and silver) will bring this element. Some blanks can also give the same result.

Some Tips to enhance your rug Feng Shui 

However, to get the most out of Feng Shui and notice improvements in the energy of an area of interest, you should also follow the directional locations.

To enhance the effect of a rug that represents the element of fire and brings more luck, choose tribal patterns that have wealth and fertility symbols in red, orange, or golden tones.

Natural fibers like wool rugs in red and brown colors help attract more money and luck.

If you have financial difficulties, use red and brown colored floor rugs to improve the situation.

Place a piece of dried seaweed or moss under your carpet to help the rug Feng Sui of your home attract good luck and wealth.

When choosing a carpet, consider that this decorative element will be an object you will walk on daily.

A common mistake most small businesses and startups make is to have floor mats with their company name on them. Next, their company attracts low-quality energy, which makes sense since everyone is walking on the company’s name daily!
So it’s better to focus on a pattern that makes sense to walk on, such as a linear rug design, garden path, or sand, rather than birds.
For abstract representations, opt for the colors of the Feng Shui elements.

2. Rug feng shui according to DIRECTIONS

The direction of the North

In general, the northern direction governs luck in the quarry and is the area of the water element. Therefore, if you are considering a successful career, strengthen your Northern direction. Choose carpets with shades of black and blue, and make sure that there are no wooden (green) collars nearby to avoid weakening the energy.
In rug Feng Shui the only case where you can use wooden colors in the North direction is when you have a toilet or a kitchen in this place. That creates terrible water energy (wood weakens the water). At the same time, use metallic colors to reinforce the incredible energy of the water in this area. Likewise, avoid placing blue or black carpets in a northern bedroom because they tend to make you lazy. For northern living rooms, black and blue rugs are appropriate, as long as you don’t overdo it and don’t use too much blue or black in this area. Ideally, these two shades should represent only 1/9 of your home’s palette.

The direction of the south

This area governs fame and name and is the fire zone, so opting for reds, oranges, and wood colors (greens) is recommended. They drain good fire energy if you have a kitchen or toilet in this area. It can lead to loneliness, loss of social circle, and many other things. In this case, choose earthy colors and black and blues (but don’t overdo it). According to rug Feng Shui, for salons in the southern direction try to avoid putting too much red (therefore, too much fire energy). So it can lead to anger, violent arguments, etc. Use light reds here and there.

The direction of the East

In rug Feng Shui placing a rug in the eastern direction can help improve your home’s health (body and mind) and the family’s side. It is the direction of the wood, so greens are preferred.
If you have a kitchen or toilet that drains energy in the East, use colors of the fire element (warm oranges and reds), metallic colors (just a little), and greens.
For rug living rooms, mix green tones to benefit from the calming effects of this shade and black and blue to enhance the impact of the fire element.

The southeast direction

The southeast governs the wealth aspect of a house. Follow the same rules as for the East direction, according to rug Feng Shui

The West direction

It governs the luck and creativity of children. A toilet or a kitchen in this area gives bad metallic energy. You can eliminate them using water and earth-colored rugs (pink, yellow, or brown). A mixture of metallic colors (gold, silver, white, gray, etc.) is preferable for living rooms in the west.

The North-West direction

Also ruled by the metal element, the North-West direction can bring many valuable people into your life and many happy travels. Follow the same rules as for the West direction.

The North-East direction

Suppose you want clear ideas, luck in education, and the ability to make better decisions. In that case, you need to strengthen the northeastern side of your house. Cancel the destructive energy of a toilet or a kitchen placed in this direction using Moroccan Berbers rugs in earthy colors, metalized and wood shades. For living rooms in the Northeast, use rugs in shades of pink, yellow, brown, or flesh-colored (ideally, use more yellow than anything else to increase optimism and hope).

The South-West direction

Again, the earth element rules this direction and attracts sexual pleasures and the chance of romance into your life. Follow the same rules as for the North-East direction.

3. RUG’S SHAPE according to feng shui

The main entrance (called the Mouth of Chi) is one of the most important areas to focus on in rug Feng Shui because the bridge of the universal energy or Chi enters the house. The environment of the house itself absorbs this energy for its nourishment. The higher the quality of the Chi absorbed by the house, the higher the quality of the energy circulating in it (and the more benefits the Feng Shui principles bring you).

As for the colors, first, think about the shapes that you like the most. Next, determine the Feng Shui orientation of your door and opt for the shape and color that best suits the selected element. For example, the Feng Shui element wood and rectangular shapes are highly recommended if your entrance is facing east. Likewise, metal and fire feng shui elements and round shapes should not be used for an east-facing entrance door, as they weaken the energy in that area. The best colors for such a door would be the earth, water, or wood element.

The welcome mat, should be fresh and bright and clearly indicate where your entrance is located.
However, if you aim for professional success, choose a black welcome mat almost the width of the front door. It will promote cash receipts and career changes (for the better).

Fen Shui is a colossal chapter of the Chinese philosophical system aimed at bringing a balance between people and their environment. Today we have only stated a few basic principles. We assure you that there will be many more in the future so that you can use your rugs in the best possible way to bring love, wealth, health, success, and happiness into your life!

In conclusion, Moroccan rugs in rug Feng Shui are a powerful tool for attracting wealth, love, and prosperity into your home and life according to the principles of feng shui. By choosing the right placement and design, and taking care of your Moroccan rug, you can enhance the energy and flow of abundance in your space.

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