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Discover soothing plush pile underfoot as you walk through our New Beni Mrirt shag rug. Hand-woven wool in a shag that you will never be able to forget. Let your senses go as you invite these rug into your home. A stunning peace of art display Mountain full of snow with birds, with large pile of 100% natural wool. This Beni Mrirt rug is entirely hand-knotted, following the Berber pastoral traditions.

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The origins of this Beni Mrirt shag rug are in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, Each Moroccan Berber rug is hand woven and knotted by Berber women of the tribal region specified. This level of craftsmanship can take up to weeks or months to complete a single rug. Weaving techniques have been passed down through the generations. The patterns, designs, and colors in each rug differ with each rug, weaver, and tribe, so each piece is truly a unique work of art. 2 pieces will never be the same. The carpet is an artistic creation of the Berber woman and reflects above all the phases of her life, her sexual timeline and experience: as a virgin, a new bride, through marriage, pregnancy and delivery. During the 12th and 13th centuries, Morocco was already known for the beauty of its carpets, wall carpets and its wall hangings (‘hanbel’). So the carpet is an art object made in families with high pastoral traditions. Often these rugs have been handed down through the families who created them and have been uncovered from the mountain and rural areas of Morocco.

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beni mrirt shag rugBeni Mrirt Shag Rug

Availability: 1 in stock