Beniourain patterned rug


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This Beni Ouarain rug is entirely hand-knotted goes perfectly with all interior styles, Bohemian, Modern, Minimalist, Scandinavian. The wool is super soft and the pile adds an additional “layer” of comfort, the perfect balance between comfort and luxury.

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This Beniouarain patterned rug is the most prestigious Moroccan rug and is renowned for its soft touch and iconic ivory/cream colour. Although differences in the tone are found depending on the sheep’s color. The Beni Ouarain carpets haven’t gone unnoticed by the world of interior design and its popularity is still rising Beni Ourain rugs have character and spirit. Made with pure wool and natural dyes, these rugs are an artistic reflection of the daily Life’s hand-woven Berber women.
They display sophisticated geometric lines that will suit all types of home interiors! Timeless and tasteful, this carpet consists of bold black patterns, matching beautifully with Ivory field.

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beniourain patterned rugBeniourain patterned rug

Availability: 1 in stock