Neutral Rugs


The neutral rugs from Morocco are some of the most beautiful and unique in the world. They have a special place in my heart because they were created to bring positive vibes and beauty into people’s homes.

Despite modern-day conveniences, we still make our neutral rugs the same way my ancestors did centuries ago.

Use Neutral Rugs in different styles of decoration

Neutral rugs are minimalistic design and are fascinating to use in interior decoration. The two colors can be eye-catching and blend seamlessly together.
Whether pairing colors, home accessories or rugs, black and white tones bring effortless and timeless fashion.

Set the stage for a stylish interior with the chicest wool rugs in our collection. It all depends on the strategy you choose and the vibe you want. Like the Beniourain rugs, black and white Moroccan rugs can make a strong statement in a room’s decor.

Decorate With Neutral Rugs

Whether you want a glamorous or minimalist interior, the neutral Moroccan rug can be crucial in achieving the look you want. The two colors each have their unique properties but can also be used in combination, meaning the results are consistently striking.
When black and white are combined, a timeless look is created. Combination and design options are plentiful.

Brilliant color contrasts are expressed in classic stripes, modern geometric designs, and various patterns.

The History Behind Neutral Rugs

Our collection of neutral rugs is Woven from the finest materials such as virgin sheep wool and organic cotton. Hand-knotted by craftswomen in the Berber mountains of Morocco.
In the beginning, Berber rugs were initially used as blankets, bedspreads, or covers rather than ornamental elements and were distinguished by their thick, soft, and comfy pile. But knots are tied according to the rug’s use and have changed, as did the pile’s height.
An investment in a unique Moroccan carpet is an investment that can give any home decor warmth and a touch of authentic ethnic art.
Make your choice and lay the foundation for a comfortable and enjoyable travel experience.

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